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Home insurance for tenants
Private individuals Home insurance for tenants
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GoodStart, online insurance for apartment in Luxembourg

Are you renting an apartment in Luxembourg, or about to? Save time and money ; choose Goodstart, the one and only online insurance for apartment ! Choose simplicity and convenience with GoodStart, the first 100% online insurance for apartment in Luxembourg.

Home, the fully customizable cover

With HOME, your insurance covers your liability as a tenant. It fully meets your specific requirements wether you are renting a home or an apartment in Luxembourg.

HOME being fully customizable to your insurance needs, it comes in 3 different service packages, from the most essential to the most tailor made.

  • Home Classic
  • Home Confort 
  • Home Privilege


Alternatively, if you are renting a flat in Luxembourg, discover the simplicity of our online solution GoodStart, the only online insurance for flat tenants in Luxembourg.

The classic coverage offered by your HOME insurance policy

Protection of your household and the belongings you take into your home (furniture, electronic equipment, etc.) against:

  • Fire and related events: fire, lightning, electrical damage, etc.
  • Weather or natural events like storms, hails, landslides...
  • Theft and vandalism: theft, damage
  • Water damage
Possible add-ons on top of GoodStart

On top of your GoodStart apartment insurance, you should think about taking a personal third-party liability cover, and its Multimedia option: 

  • Personal Liability Cover : this insurance will pay for the damages you might cause to a third party following an accident or an incident which you are responsible of.
  • Multimédia option : thies multimedia option will cover following items: 
    • Mobile devices (mobile phone, tablette, connected watch, GPS)
    • Fix devices ( television, desktop computeur, laptop, Hi-Fi equipment) 
    • Leisure apparels (camera, video recorder, sport equipement, music instrument…)

GoodStart, the online insurance for apartment in Luxembourg, is quick and to the point :

  • Less than 10 minutes for subscription.
  • Solid covers and quality assistance.
  • Your valuable items are protected.
  • The Private Liability option will cover the damages you might inflict to third parties.
Possible additional coverage of your HOME insurance
  • "Third-party liability for private incidents" covers you against damage caused to other people
  • "Sound and image devices" coverage protects all your belongings such as televisions, even in the event of accidental falls
  • "All-risks leisure equipment" coverage protects your best-loved items, even outside the home (e.g. musical instrument, camera, etc.) 
  • "Replacement as new" coverage protects your recent furniture against damage. You will be reimbursed their new purchase value.

You will have the option to customise your policy with specific cover.

HOME, home insurance for your needs as a tenant in Luxembourg:

  • Appartement ? House? Wathever your housing needs in Luxembourg are, you will find a proper solution with Baloise.
  • On top, you can choose optionnal covers that will bring you added peace of mind!
  • One single contract that encompasses your home insurance and your personal third party liability
  • The option to insure the sport, music and leisure equipment that you value the most whilst outside your home.
The price for your apartment insurance now!
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