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GoodStart, the online flat insurance
Private individuals GoodStart, the online flat insurance
Goodstart: calculate your quote now
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The 100% online flat insurance which simplifies your life

GoodStart: the online insurance or your flat, tailored to your needs.

Whether you are owner or tenant, taking out your apartment insurance has never been so simple and quick!


Fill in a few details about your apartment, calculate the price of your GoodStart insurance, then take out your insurance directly from home.

The GoodStart advantages
To calculate your quote

You have found your apartment and you now want to get a quote for your home insurance?

Nothing easier than that: you will get your online quote in less than two minutes.

With GoodStart, your quote is just a few clicks away.

To take out insurance for your apartment

When you move into a new apartment, there are lot of things to do. Your time is precious.

With GoodStart, you can quickly take out insurance for your flat, tailored to your needs, and save time in your busy schedule.

An online service with no need to leave your home

Convenient, because you do not need to come to an office to take out insurance for your apartment.

100% online means you can submit your request directly from home and whenever is convenient for you. Taking out insurance for your flat has never been so easy.

Your GoodStart benefits Online flat insurance which covers all your needs, whether you own or rent
  • Comprehensive coverage
    • Fire and similar events
    • Climatic or natural events
    • Attacks, labour disputes, property degradation.
    • Water damage
    • Glass and mirror breakage
    • Theft, attempted theft, vandalism
    • Civil Liability Defence Recourse coverage for the insured property
    • Personal property outside your apartment (personal property during trips or travel (max. three months); at your new place of residence when moving house (30 days); assault on the person)
    • Assistance at home in the event of a claim

    And all this with no deductible.

  • + Quality assistance
    • Accommodation for a maximum of 10 days.
    • Return home in the event of an accident or claim during a trip abroad.
    • Locksmith in the event of theft or loss of keys.
    • Transfer of your furniture to furniture storage.


  • Get a quote and take out insurance for your flat
    Further options
    Protect yourself and your family from loss or injury caused to others

    Private Civil Liability insurance protects you financially in the event of loss or damage caused to other people. This is why it is indispensable.

    It covers you for all costs and charges for which you are liable to a third party following an accident or a loss or damage for which you are responsible.

    Private Civil Liability insurance offers you comprehensive protection tailored to your needs to cover you and your family, both inside and outside your home, against loss or damage caused to others.

    Private Civil Liability insurance is tax deductible up to a maximum deductible amount of € 672 per person per year.

    Protect your valuables with our multimedia cover

    Your favourite objects, your smartphone, computer, guitar or bicycle… are precious! This is why our coverage for multimedia and leisure objects is so important. For just a few Euros per month, your items will be covered in the event of theft or accidental breakage.

    Multimedia and leisure objects’ insurance covers the following items:

    • Mobile devices: mobile phone, tablet, connected watch, GPS, etc.
    • Fixed devices: television, tabletop computer, laptop, Hi-Fi system, etc.
    • Leisure objects: camera, movie-camera, musical instrument, sports equipment, etc.
    Receive compensation for the replacement value of your goods

    In the event of a claim, items which are damaged will reimbursed at their replacement value, namely the value when new, minus a percentage for depreciation.

    By taking the ‘new for old replacement’ option, you will, in the event of a claim, receive compensation for your goods at their value when new, without taking any depreciation into account.

    Example: You bought a sofa five years ago. There was a fire which totally destroyed this same sofa. Thanks to the ‘new for old replacement’ option, the compensation you will receive will be the replacement cost of a new sofa with identical characteristics.

    Owner or tenant, insure your flat online
    Do you own a flat ? Simulate the insurance for your flat to get your quote
    Are you renting a flat? Simulate the insurance for your flat to get a quote
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