Assurance transport

Transportation Insurance

Insure your transported goods

Transportation insurance covers goods which you carry personally and those you carry as a professional road haulier for your company.

Insurance for transporting your goods with total peace of mind

  • Looking for worldwide cover for your goods?
  • Does the actual value need to be insured?
  • Must it also be insured while in transit?
  • Is it transported by you or for third parties?
  • Is it transported by Lorry? Plane or Ship?

You can choose the  Ad Valorem cover.

  • Do you have to comply with the Geneva Convention, compulsory for hauliers which transport for third parties?
  • Are you looking for haulier or forwarding agent liability insurance?
  • Do you need certificates of compliance for border crossings?

Our CMR insurance solution is for you.

Would you like some advice on the best possible transportation insurance for your goods?

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