Assurance auto flotte

Professional car insurance

Your professional car insurance

Car insurance is simpler with just one policy to manage for your entire vehicle fleet and your employees. Then you will receive a swift response and assistance from us if an accident occurs..

Find the car insurance solution that is right for you

  • Do you have a small vehicle fleet?

Choose our "Mini-Fleet" solution

  • Do you have a large vehicle fleet?

Try out our single No-Claims Bonus system.

  • Are you a leasing firm wishing to insure your fleet? 

Choose our  Flat premium with profit-sharing option

  • Do your employees use their own vehicle? 

Think about our service Casco Voyage option.

Mini-fleet? Single No Claims Bonus? Flat Premium? Casco Voyage?

Would you like more information? Our experts are there to advise you on the best professional car insurance solution.

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