Group insurance

Group insurance

The solution for your complementary pension scheme

Offer your employees or a category of them a complementary pension scheme and have them benefit from an advantageous tax treatment.

Any company anxious to retain its employees wishes to introduce a supplementary pension scheme and death, disability and related benefits scheme.

Our experts can introduce to you:

  • solutions tailored to market practice,
  • benefit coverage based on the employee's personal situation,
  • innovative investment strategies adapted to the financial markets,
  • user-friendly and efficient on line access for the employees and the Human Resources.

The evolutive solution adapted to your needs and customizable to the size of your company benefits from an easy implementation.

Bâloise will take care of the registration and the compliance of the scheme and introduce it to your employees.

Modern and innovative investment solutions

Bâloise provides numerous investment strategies that are adapted to the employees' profiles while giving the employer the possibility to:

  • offer his employees full freedom as regards the management of the retirement savings among a selection of investment funds;
  • define certain restrictions in terms of investment;
  • predefine a Live cyle-like investment strategy for all his employees.

Benefit coverage adapted to your employees' needs

With Benefit Plan, the employer can choose various risk coverage options that are adapted to his employees' needs:


  • Payment of a capital sum in case of death of the employee.
  • Payment of a supplementary capital sum in case of death following an accident.
  • Payment of a survivorship annuity.
  • Payment of a temporary pension to orphans.


  • Annuity payment in case of full or partial disability.
  • Maintenance of retirement and death coverage.

Protected on line access adapted to the new technologies

The on line access for the affiliated members and the Human Resources has become an essential tool for the communication and the dynamic administration of your pension scheme. is a protected space which is appreciated for:

  • its file share area regarding the complementary pension scheme and the new regulations;
  • its simulators of legal and extra-legal pensions;
  • its didactic and promotional tutorials simplifying a dynamic administration of the pension scheme;
  • its progress reports anticipating the Human Resources enquiries.

The advantages of your Employee Benefit Plan

  • You will ensure that your employees receive non-statutory benefits.
  • If they wish, your pension plan members can personally contribute.
  • The benefits paid to your employees are tax-free
  • Your employees will have access to a secure online area where they can see their personal details and insured benefits.

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