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Group insurance

Benefit Plan

Any company committed to the well-being of its employees can offer its entire staff one or more types of cover under a Benefit Plan policy.

The premiums are paid by the company and the benefits due will be paid to the beneficiary employees.  A Benefit Plan can be arranged in various ways:

- A defined contribution plan: the employer determines the budget he wishes to allocate, either on a lump-sum basis or according to the overall wage bill.

- A defined benefit plan: which offers each of your employees benefits linked to their salaries.

What protection does it provide?

With the Benefit plan, affiliated members can expect …

  • Retirement benefits guaranteeing the payment of a lump sum to the member when he or she retires.
  • Death of the member benefits guaranteeing the payment of a lump sum to named heirs
  •  …Permanent work disability benefits guaranteeing the payment of a monthly income
  • Accident benefits guaranteeing the payment of a lump sum in the event of death or disability.

The advantages of your Benefit Plan

  • You will ensure that your employees receive non-statutory benefits.
  • If they wish, your pension plan members can personally contribute.
  • The benefits paid to your employees are tax-free
  • Your employees will have access to a secure online area where they can see their personal details and insured benefits.

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