Multi-risk insurance for professionals

Your customised insurance contract

BUSINESS insurance covers both your civil liability and your buildings with your equipment and goods.

Civil liability

Civil liability mainly covers damage suffered by a third party during the professional activity, after delivery, as well as damage caused to entrusted objects.

Depending on your professional activity, you will automatically benefit from specific components.

Principal risks

With BUSINESS insurance you are protected against:

  • Fire
  • Water damage
  • Theft
  • Operating loss
  • Climatic events (storms and hail, earthquakes, floods)

Broken electronics / broken machinery

Dedicated assistance

With BUSINESS, you get assistance in the event of a disaster, anytime and anywhere!

Unexpected events may occur, but we will stand by your side.

Extended warranties

Depending on your professional activity and your infrastructure, you can insure your buildings, machines and tools thanks to a wide range of flexible guarantees, dedicated to your needs.

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