Switch Plan, switch to the first 100% sustainable life insurance policy

Sustainable investment

Thinking about sustainable development  is not just a purely ecological concept. It is about contributing to an efficient economy and a caring society.

With the Switch Plan life insurance policy, today it is possible to combine the way you invest with your concerns for a more sustainable future.

You can choose to invest according to criteria which are no longer just financial but include notions of well-being for the planet and society in the longer term.

How does your Switch Plan life insurance policy work?



Passing on one's assets with complete peace of mind and flexibility

  • Characteristics
    • A single premium policy (€5,000) or a policy with periodic premiums (€50 minimum)
    • Additional payments from €500
    • Lump sum available at all times
    • Withdrawal possible from €750
  • Advantages
    • Accessing your assets at all times
    • Funding your projects (housing, retirement, etc.)
    • Passing on assets to those close to you
    • Payments at any time, depending on your needs
    • 100% responsible investment
    • Flexible management carried out by professionals

100% sustainable funds

Bâloise Eticx funds are internal collective insurance funds offered by Bâloise Vie Luxembourg and managed by Degroof Petercam Asset Management in accordance with ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria.

100% sustainable funds, created in partnership with etika and adapted
to your investor profile: 5 strategies depending on your investor profile.

  • Conservative (100% Bonds)
  • Defensive (75% Bonds)
  • Balanced (50% Equities/Bonds)
  • Dynamic (75% Equities)
  • Aggressive (100% Equities)

A product recommended by etika

Etika, a non-profit association founded in 1996, supports Bâloise in developing ethical insurance products to meet the needs of new consumer concerns. Thus, Bâloise customers will have the choice to invest their money in a new responsible product.

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Fund Documentation

BIF Eticx Conservative Factsheet KIID
BIF Eticx Defensive Factsheet KIID
BIF Eticx Balanced Factsheet KIID
BIF Eticx Dynamic Factsheet KIID
BIF Eticx Aggressive  Factsheet KIID
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