Pension Plan

Life insurance for your pension : "Pension Plan"

  •  Flexible Pension-Plan (or retirement provision)
    • For those who want to enjoy the dynamism of financial markets by choosing the "investment funds" compartment.
    • For those who want safety by choosing the guaranteed rate compartment (with possible profit sharing).
    • For those who want to combine the safety of a guaranteed rate with performance opportunities of investment funds.
  •  Access to financial markets as from € 50.00 / month (free payments possible at any time)
  •  Automatic adaptation of premiums to the maximum tax-deductible amount
  •  Payment of the benefit at the end of the contract in the form of annuity (partly payment in the form of a lump sum may also be considered)
  •  Tax deductibility under Article 111bis LIR

Cross-border commuters* or residents

(Nearly) immediate tax benefits and retirement capital for the future

* For cross-border commuters who make a tax declaration in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

What can I do with my insurance premiums to reduce my taxable income?

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