Bâloise - Life Plan

Savings and insurance "à la carte"

Life insurance is the ideal way to combine "savings and insurance":

  • Various benefit options in case of death.

You invest either exclusively...

  1. in investment funds or
  2. exclusively in a guaranteed rate (with possible profit sharing) or you mix and match as you like.
  • 6 available investment funds which enable everyone to meet one's needs.
  • A wide range of optional additional guarantees, for example in relation to accident, traffic accident, critical illness, work incapacity and hospitalisation to cover you against all hazards in life.
  • You can adjust your benefits to the cost of living by opting for a special premium increase clause.
  • This life insurance is tax deductible under Article 111 LIR.

Cross-border commuters* or residents

Savings, provident and tax benefits

* For cross-border commuters who make a tax declaration in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

What can I do with my insurance premiums to reduce my taxable income?

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