Kid's Plan

Kid's Plan

Insuring a capital sum for your children

Discover the Kid's Plan

Kid's PLAN, multifaceted insurance which provides:


A capital sum for your child

Between the ages of 18 up to 25 maximum, your child will have available capital for projects important to him/her.

Exemptions in case of Death

The capital sum is insured in case of death of the insured parent (or insured parents)

All future premiums will be covered by Bâloise Vie.

Compensation in case of parents' disability

You find yourself unable to work either temporarily or permanently, partially or completely.

With the Kid's Plan, you need not to worry anymore because in every case, Bâloise Vie will provide compensation according to your circumstances.

Your child's everyday life insured in case of disability

In fact, 10,000 EUR will make your child's everyday life easier if such a tragedy occurred.

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