Kid's Plan for your children

Discover the Kid's Plan, multifaceted life insurance which provides:

Savings for your child

From 18 to 25 years maximum, your child will have savings at his/her disposal, to make a smooth entry into professional life.

Diversified investment vehicles

A guaranteed rate (with profit sharing) or investment funds, safety or great performance opportunities in financial markets, or the combination of both; the choice is yours.

Funds which pursue trends, classic funds with risk profiles.

Cover in the event of death

Payment of the balance of premiums on the contract in case of death of the parent insured (or one of the parents insured).

Compensations in case of parent's disability

You find yourself unable to work either temporarily or permanently, partially or totally?

With Bâloise - Kid's Plan, you do not need to worry because, in any case, Bâloise Vie will compensate you, based on your situation.

Your child's daily life insured in case of disability

Indeed, 10 000 EUR will improve your child's comfort if such a tragedy occurred.

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Fund Documentation

BFI Activ (EUR) Factsheet KIID
BFI Systematic Balanced (EUR) Factsheet KIID
BFI Systematic Conservative (EUR) Factsheet KIID
BIF Eticx Conservative Factsheet KIID
BIF Eticx Defensive Factsheet KIID
BIF Eticx Balanced Factsheet KIID
BIF Eticx Dynamic Factsheet KIID
BIF Eticx Aggressive  Factsheet KIID

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