Bâloise Invest - Life insurance

Bâloise Invest life insurance

Not happy with the return on your invested capital?

Would you like to take advantage of opportunities on the financial markets while at the same time limiting your exposure?
Bâloise Vie Luxembourg introduces the INVEST life insurance.

With the Invest policy, you will be able to choose:

  • The term you wish.
  • The investment fund or funds you wish to invest in.

The available range of funds includes trends-orientated funds which invest in equity funds, bond funds and money market funds.

The selection of fund assets is performed by a computer-assisted brokerage system which selects the most profitable out of 10,000 products. This brokerage system 'bypasses human emotions (such as fear or euphoria) which can lead to poor investment decisions.

Bâloise Invest is:

  • Is a reassuring investment.
  • Offers funds chosen objectively and logically.

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