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Insurance for mobile devices

Are you and the Internet inseparable? So are our home insurance and your lifestyle!

Insurance for mobile devices

Smartphones and other tablets have invaded your everyday life! What would you do without them?

Every day and almost every moment, you are connected via your smartphone or tablet. More than just a passing fad, they have become an extension of your social lives.

Because we are just like you, we have created specific coverage to take care of the theft of or damage to your treasured mobile devices.

Apart from these everyday items, you may wish to take along other objects on your journeys, such as laptops and cameras... we cover them all with the same insurance!

This cover is available for any customer who has already selected HOME  insurance.

Insurance for your mobile devices: so many advantages!

  • Whether broken or stolen? Your mobile devices are covered worldwide!
  •  Optional low-cost cover for all your mobile devices.
  •  Option included in your home insurance. You need one single policy only.
  •  No excess.

Would you like to insure your phone, computer or camera?