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Insurance for mobile

Are you and the Internet inseparable? So are our home insurance and your lifestyle!

Mobile Device Insurance

Every day, at any (or almost any) time, you are connected to your smartphone or tablet. More than a passing fad, they have become an extension of our social lives.

And because we are like you, we have designed a special insurance policy that will cover theft or damage to your precious mobile devices.

As well as these everyday items, we take others with us on some trips: laptop computers, cameras, and more. These are covered with the same policy!

This coverage is available to all customers who have already taken out the HOME insurance policy.

Insurance for your mobile devices: so many advantages!

  • Broken or stolen? Your mobile devices are covered worldwide!
  • Optional low-cost coverage for all your mobile devices.
  • Option included in your home insurance policy. Enjoy the benefits of a single and unique policy.
  • No excess.

Do you want to insure your telephone, computer or camera?

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