Responsabilité civile

Family liability insurance

The best-known essential insurance

Family liability insurance

One small mishap and everything is upside down … unless you make the right move

You or your loved ones may unintentionally cause damage to other people.

Let us take a few classic examples which demonstrate just how useful this insurance is:

  • You enter a porcelain collectibles shop and inadvertently send everything crashing to the floor.
  • Your child is playing with aball and sends it right through the middle of your neighbour's window.
  • Your child runs out into the middle of the road and causes a traffic accident.

All these situations might have an impact on your wallet and can happen at any time. Do not let bad luck come knocking on your door... take out family liability insurance!

Advantages of Family Liability Insurance

  • Essential insurance to protect you in case of damage caused to others.
  • A premium which varies depending on the number of people in your household.
  • Comprehensive protection meeting your needs.

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