Insure your house and feel well at home

With HOME, home insurance takes on a new dimension according to your needs. You will feel really safe!

Are your needs different from your neighbour's? Absolutely! That is why we propose 3 basic solutions. You have the possibility to fully customise your solution, almost like your house or flat.

Whether it regards your home or your personal belongings, we offer you the best possible solution. Fire, water damage, theft, storm and flood damage, … there is nothing missing to make you feel safe.

You've just taken out a mortgage for your new home? Protect your family with the outstanding balance insurance

Good home insurance also means having a choice of optional extras

After having selected your insurance solution, you may customise it with our additional coverage:

  • What if your child damages your neighbour's property?

To avoid unexpected financial expense, your family liability insurance will bear the financial consequences.

  • What if your 27 inch iMac falls off the desk and breaks?

Protect it with the "Audio Visual Equipment" coverage which protects all your goods even if they accidentally tumble over.

  • Keen on photography? Or music?

The "All-risk leisure items" coverage protects your musical instruments and cameras both inside and outside your home.

  • Are your goods new?

With he "New for Old Replacement" coverage you will be fully reimbursed on the basis of the new value of your goods.

The advantages of HOME for property owners

  • 3 basic solutions to make it easier to choose
  • Fully customisable solutions
  • Optional coverage for greater peace of mind
  • One single policy including your home insurance and family liability insurance
  • No claims? Your premium decreases from year to year.

Would you like to insure your home or find out further details to help you choose the ideal solution as a property owner?

You're not owner ?

With HOME, home insurance takes on a new dimension to come up to your expectations when renting accomodation.

Find out our home insurance for tenants