Accident Insurance BSafe

Bespoke personal insurance

Did you know that 80% of accidents happen in private situations?

Older people, parents, children: depending on the profile of the insured party, BSafe gives you the choice of customising your level of coverage with 3 packages: Classic, Comfort and Privilege.

The coverage offered by BSafe

Of course, the BSafe insurance policy provides essential coverage such as:

  • Death
  • Invalidity
  • Life Annuity

You also have the option of being protected during a hospital stay thanks to a per diem allowance.

BSafe insures you as a driver as well as your children with coverage of catch-up tuition costs, rooming-in costs (accommodation in the same room as a hospitalised child), and childminding costs.

Other scenarios

Additional coverage is also available for a wide range of items such as treatment costs, cosmetic surgery costs and home modfication costs.

The BSafe advantages

  • An insurance policy which is tailored to everybody: children, teenagers, adults, older people, single people, couples, families, employees and the self-employed, etc.
  • Specific coverage for the self-employed.
  • All accidents are covered, worldwide.
  • The freedom to select the coverage you think is most important.
  • A unique yet essential item of coverage: life annuity in the event of invalidity, ideal for supplementing the invalidity allowance paid by the CNS (the Luxembourg national heath fund).

Do you want to take out a BSafe policy?

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