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Our Human resources

Constantly on the lookout for new talents, Bâloise Luxembourg has always nurtured privileged relationships with student associations in Luxembourg and abroad, in order to remain top of mind for young graduates when they leave University and start looking for a first job.

Discover the student associations that we sponsor:


Founded in 1984, the "Asso­ci­ation des Cercles d'Etu­di­ants Luxem­bour­geois" is federating some 40 luxemburgish student circles all over Europe which represents around 10.000 students. Thanks to this sponsoring, we remain in close contact with all young Luxemburgish students aborad and can communicate with them about our new openings, our corporate culture and our recruiting events.


Created in 1994, ANESEC stands for "Association Nationale des Etudiants en Business et Economie". The Association has more than 500 members and dedicates its efforts to the interests of Luxemburgish students engaged in economy and management curriculum, throughout Europe.
Baloise participates to ANESEC events like the yearly Business Day in order to keep a tight bond with future graduates in economy field.



ANELD is the Association Nationale des Etudiants Luxembourgeois en Droit ; in a nutshell, its focused on the representation and defense of law students, who are most often scattered in many European countries for their studies. Created in 2005, ANELD is acting to bring the Luxemburgish professionnal word closer to the law students. Baloise also participates to the ANELD-organized events like the REE (Rencontre Entreprises-Etudiants).

The Universities that we actively support:

Université de Luxembourg                               

Born in 2003, the Luxembourg University "UNI" is the only high-level educational public institution in Luxembourg. Multilingual and international by essence, centered on research, it defines itself as a modern institution with a human face and size.

Because it is of paramount importance to us to get closer to the Luxemburgish students, Baloise has set in place 2 different partnerships with UNI.

A partnership with the Master in Computer Sciences to : 

  • Facilitate the insertion of young IT graduates .into the corporate world.
  • Give Baloise employee the possibility to give lectures and expert sessions at specific UNI workshops to share their expertise and knowledge on insurance and IT.
  • Offer the possibility to students from the University of Luxembourg to do their PhD in collaboration with Baloise.

A 2nd partnershop with the Bachelor in Management  to :

  • Promote the insurance industry as a competitive sector to start a career in Luxembourg.
  • Help Baloise learn from younger generations of future customers.
  • Offer internships and first jobs to selected candidates. 



Université de Metz                               

Baloise is proud to work in close cooperation with the Metz University in France, specifically for its IT curriculum. Baloise staff from HR and IT attend most of the Metz University recruitment fairs to raise awareness about the Luxemburgish Insurance sector among the French students and to share their expertise in that matter.

Interested ? Come and meet us on one of the following events :

  • Welcome Day of the UNI
  • UniCareer recruitment fair.
  • RTL Job Dag (in Belval and in City Concorde).
  • REE - Rencontres Entreprises Etudiants.
  • Forum MIAGE in Nancy.
  • Forum Epitech in Nancy.

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