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Corporate Social Responsibility

Bâloise Luxembourg is well aware of its role towards the community as a whole. As a corporate citizen we support various associations in the social, cultural and sports fields. We are proud of this long and strong tradition and therefore constantly looking to expand and strengthen our social commitment.

Corporate Social Responsibility is indeed important to us!

Instead of a simple sponsorship, we would like to further intensify patronage and have already started various partnerships where we actively assist associations by other means than only monetary donations. These aids are often more important than a financial support and help to discharge the organisations.

Fondation Cancer - Relais pour la vie 

For about ten years now, Bâloise has been supporting the Luxembourg Cancer Foundation which informs about how to prevent and combat cancer and sustains any initiatives, scientific research or information campaigns in the context of the fight against cancer.

By means of actions and various services, the Foundation not only tries to reduce the number of victims but also tries to help people suffering from cancer to improve their quality of life, whilst funding the research on cancer.

Right from the beginning, we have been actively supporting the "Relais pour la vie" (relay for life) the Cancer Foundation's flagship event, thus allowing us to show our solidarity towards people having cancer.


Fédération Luxembourgeoise d'Athlétisme (F.L.A.)

The development and the sponsoring of the Luxembourg Athletic Federation is yet another Bâloise commitment. It seems to be a perfect means of promoting sports, in particular among the youngsters. Since 1928 the F.L.A. has been organising and developing athletics in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. It coordinates the efforts of the athletes and the associated clubs and includes the promotion of related sportive activities.



In 2015 we initiated a collaboration with "natur&ëmwelt" (nature and environment), the main organization for the protection of nature and environment in Luxembourg. This patronage is not limited to a pure financial aid but offers interested people the opportunity to hit the ground by actively participating in concrete field actions.



Unique in Luxembourg and in the Greater Region, Rockhal is the ultimate place for concerts fans. It was then only logical for Baloise to support Rockhal in his efforts with a long-term partnership agreement. Want a chance to win a ticket for your favorite band concert at the Rockhal ? Follow Baloise on Facebook and enroll to our regular prize draws! 


Réiser Päerdsdeeg/CSI

Every year at the end of spring, Luxembourg is host of Réiser Päerdsdeeg CSI, a prestigious equestrian event that attracts showjumping riders from all over the world. During 3 days, thousands of horse lovers gather from Luxembourg and its three neighbors to admire the amazing riders and enjoy a unique atmosphere of sophistication and athletic performance. 


Picken Doheem

BioneXt Lab is the laboratory partner of Picken Doheem. Set up in Leudelange, BioneXt Lab relies on experienced employees and on a technical platform using the latest technologies in order to offer a large catalogue of (routine and specialized) blood tests, as well as services oriented towards the digitalisation of health such as myLAB, with 24/7 real-time access to results via web or smartphone. This eco-responsible approach allows to significantly reduce the use of paper.