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Bâloise ushers in the era of connected car insurance

Bâloise Assurances Luxembourg S.A. is innovating in the car insurance market with the launch of GoodDrive, the very first telematics-based car insurance solution (also known as connected car insurance).

The idea is simple: young drivers (licence holders for less than 8 years) who drive sensibly can make huge savings (up to 30%) on their car insurance.

Telematics involves measuring the quality of a person’s driving (speed, use of the vehicle, insured risk and driving style) in real time and cutting the cost of insurance for young, sensible drivers.First developed in the USA by the most innovative large insurers and now available in all the major countries with mature digital businesses, telematics therefore means good drivers can save money and stop paying for bad drivers!

GoodDrive also enables young drivers to improve all the time by giving them personalised driving tips, games and challenges that allow them to continually develop their driving skills. GoodDrive follows on from the experience of Game of Roads 1 and 2, the gaming app that, thanks to promo games and driving tips, has helped more than 10,000 young people become better drivers since 2015, and supported them as they have racked up more than 4 million kilometres. But this time, with GoodDrive, Bâloise is rewarding good drivers with up to 30% off their car insurance.

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