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Bâloise, a company concerned about the safety of senior citizens

Bertrange, Collaboration with RBS - Center fir Altersfroen at the Senior-Drivers-Day

As part of the "National Charter for Road Safety" signed in April 2015, one of the several measures to reduce the number of road accidents was the establishment of a Senior-Drivers-Day. This event, organised by RBS - Center fir Altersfroen and sponsored by the Ministry of Family, was held on 19 June 2015, at the Centre de Formation pour Conducteurs in Colmar-Berg. Bâloise Luxembourg, whose strategy is focused on safety and risk prevention, was delighted to join this initiative.

About 80 seniors seized the opportunity to participate in the 13 workshops, which were all about traffic regulations and safety behind the wheel.

One of the workshops was called "filling out an accident report" and was moderated by an insurance inspector of Bâloise Luxembourg. It is not always easy, especially under stress, to find all the information needed. The Bâloise inspector explained how to be prepared for this situation, how to react and how to fill out the form quickly and efficiently. "I noticed that the participants really enjoyed the workshop and were grateful for the valuable tips."

Given the success of this day, and following the very positive feedback from participants, other "actions" like this are already planned in the future.

We want to thank the entire team of RBS - Center fir Altersfroen for their confidence in Bâloise and for the excellent collaboration.