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Bâloise Luxembourg strengthens its social responsibility

Bertrange, T.A.C.S, Bâloise and an interesting "collaboration"

22 mai 2015. La T.A.C.S., la Bâloise et une "collaboration" intéressante

Bâloise Luxembourg is proud of its long and strong tradition of social responsibility. In this context, it also supports its new tenants at 46, rue du Cimetière in Luxembourg, namely 'T.A.C.S. asbl - Tutelle an Curatelle Service' by granting them advantages in terms of rent and interior installation.

Gilbert Beissel, responsible for the direction of the non-profit association, was deeply affected: "I want to thank Bâloise Luxembourg for all the efforts that have been taken to support our association."

Marc Folmer, Director of Corporate Governance and General Secretary of the Bâloise Group in Luxembourg explains: "The responsibility towards society and the environment is essential to the Bâloise culture. We will continue to support initiatives in skills, time or by financial means. These aids are often more important than just the financial support and can improve and simplify the work of the different organisations."