Monde de sécurité Bâloise

Safety World Bâloise

What is the Safety world?

Since the introduction of the Safety world in 2008, Bâloise has combined prevention and insurance. In addition to the classic compensation after a loss, we aim to help our customers proactively to benefit from more safety. Our promise is complemented by a range of concrete services and prevention products which help our customers avoid a large number of risks. Thus, our customers are better informed and feel safe.

Prevention and insurance, two inseparable components / areas for Baloise.

Do not just be satisfied with a traditional insurance that only helps after the misfortune has happened. Enter the Bâloise Safety World and react before it is too late: more safety, lower costs!

Our insurance products contain special "Safety world" guarantees, which will give you a whole new sense of safety, day by day.

Friday the 13th, the Bâloise safety day

This day, feared by all the superstitious, occupies a very special place in the Bâloise Safety World, it is our "brand day". In line with our brand promise, our teams organise every Friday the 13th concrete actions to raise public awareness for risk prevention.

Bâloise gives you the opportunity to change this unlucky day into a lucky one. Whether by external actions on the theme of nature protection in cooperation with the "natur & ëmwelt" foundation, by public actions or simply by internal actions such as installing a vitamin bar for employees and visitors...

Our teams are never short of ideas to promote a safer life!

The Bâloise checklist

In order to fully enjoy your summer or winter holidays, we assist you and advise you already BEFORE your departure. Bâloise has therefore created a checklist so that you can leave safely and well-prepared!

Going on vacation this winter? Visit the checklist to prepare your vacation without forgetting anything


Game of Roads – the app that combines fun and improved driving performance

In March 2015, Bâloise Assurances launched its free application called Game of Roads, developed in collaboration with Motion-S, a University of Luxembourg spin-off and resulting from a project supported by the Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR).

The brand-new and revolutionary application for the Luxembourg market means to raise road safety through fun and competition. The app is destined to all those who are keen on improving their driving in a fun way and equally challenge their friends. Everyone can use ‘Game of Roads’: Bâloise customer or not, Luxembourg resident or cross-border commuter.

We are committed to incorporating road safety into everyday life. In addition, working with Motion-S, a start-up in Luxembourg, has allowed us to encourage and support young talents. We chose to break the insurance codes in Luxembourg in order to succeed in our digital transformation and to redefine the role of the insurer by offering new experiences and relying on modern technologies.


More about Game of Roads