Switch Plan, the first 100% sustainable life insurance

April 26, 2021. Aware of its corporate responsibility towards society and the community, and accompanied by its partner etika a.s.b.l., Bâloise is keen to innovate further in order to offer solutions to those who share its concern for the environment and wish to contribute to an efficient economy and a caring society.

The development of a global responsible approach

It is clear that, today, the issue of sustainability is a priority for investors. From this observation Switch Plan was born: a more humane, fairer and more respectful investment, through sustainable and responsible funds developed specifically for Bâloise. Therefore, this new product incorporates Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) values, fundamental criteria which today guide investors wishing to create value and focused on sustainable development principles.

These criteria make it possible, in the first instance, to assess and verify the responsibility of the companies or economic sectors in which the premiums of life insurance policies are invested, with regard to the environment, their social impact and management. They also measure the ethical impact of these investments.

This new life insurance policy is part of a comprehensive approach by Bâloise, supported by etika, for more sustainability in the investment and insurance sector. The partnership, signed at the beginning of 2020 between the insurer and the association, does indeed provide for the development of ethical insurance products to meet the needs of new consumer concerns. etika contributes its expertise by providing ideas for improvement in a more sustainable and responsible way of working within its own organisation, but also for reflecting on an alternative economy in the same direction. 

In addition, Baloise Group signed last year the Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI), developed by the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI). The Group is thus committed to systematically integrating ecological, social and business management aspects into its whole production chain. 

“Our customers are now aware of the importance of a real ecological and social commitment, they are concerned about environmental issues and want to make a contribution to our society. The impact of their efforts at all levels is now a priority, and also guides their investment choices. This new Switch Plan product responds to the aspirations of these clients, in order to support them in their responsible approach” explains Romain Braas, Director - General Manager of Bâloise Luxembourg.

A sustainable investment via a flexible product

Like any life insurance policy, Switch Plan enables you firstly to transmit capital to your family and friends, but also to have it available at any time to finance your projects. The management of this product is carried out by a professional manager in a flexible way, fully adapted to the investor's profile in accordance his/her tolerance for risk.

Five strategies have been identified by Bâloise, accompanied by etika, in order to offer its clients five personalised solutions which respond to their needs. The client's profile is determined by completing a simple questionnaire. Depending on this, and on the interest of the policyholder, funds are available to him/her which correspond to his/her risk class and his/her expectations (incorporating a more or less aggressive investment in equities, or prioritising income), but also to his/her concerns (climate trends or promising themes for the future).

With Switch Plan, customers no longer choose to invest solely on financial criteria, but can combine their investment wishes with their concerns for a sustainable and responsible future.

These internal collective funds are managed by Degroof Petercam Asset Management (DPAM), an independent asset manager recognised by the financial community for its status as a rigorous and extremely reliable pioneer in the field of sustainable and responsible investment. DPAM's expertise ensures that customers invest their life insurance premiums in responsible funds which incorporate environmental, social and governance criteria.

The policyholder is thus assured that he/she is investing sustainably in companies selected for their good business practices in terms of ESG criteria.

Switch Plan

Switch to the first 100% sustainable life insurance policy

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