Bâloise Luxembourg launches Drive Electric

February 8, 2021. A specific insurance for rechargeable hybrid and electric vehicles, in partnership with Enovos and diego

Autofestival 2021 is clearly focused on the launch of new rechargeable hybrid and electric vehicles, an indicator of drivers’ growing interest in this sector. A new trend, a new service: Bâloise Luxembourg and its partners Enovos and diego launch a support service for drivers who want to reduce their CO2 emissions.

A tailor-made, exclusive service

As part of its climate and energy policy, the Luxembourg government grants financial support for zero- or low-emission vehicles to encourage consumers to make the switch. Furthermore, the offer is becoming wider-ranging, vehicle manufacturers are offering more and more models, and support facilities are being adapted for these vehicles.

New ways of driving mean new requirements in terms of protection and support.
As a company which cares about the environment and is constantly looking for sustainable 
solutions while simplifying its customers’ lives, Bâloise Luxembourg wants to offer them a different kind of insurance cover, designed and delivered specifically for drivers of rechargeable hybrid or 100% electric cars.

By taking out a Drive Electric policy, the insured benefits from a range of guarantees specifically designed for electric or rechargeable hybrid cars, such as the battery, the charging cables, as well as assistance in the event of a breakdown.

Expert partners

The Drive Electric product is designed to provide assistance to customers after the purchase of their vehicles, to help them make the switch to electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. Indeed, after conducting several studies on this subject with its customers, Bâloise Luxembourg was able to note that problems with recharging, at home or abroad, could slow down the user’s decision to take the plunge. This is why the innovative insurer has partnered with Enovos and diego to provide services which address these concerns. 

Cédric Rochet, Product and Innovation Manager, explains: “In our efforts to make life easier for our customers and to meet their expectations, we have found, in Enovos and diego, the ideal partners expert in the field of electro-mobility.”

The insured customers is thus offered a free charging card enodrive zen which can be used at 180,000 charging stations when travelling in Luxembourg or anywhere in Europe. 
Thanks to the diego digital platform, they also benefit from personalised support by a professional trained in current safety standards when choosing and installing a charging station in their home, as well as help with all the administrative formalities, such as preparing applications for state aid.

Marie-Anne Georgel, diego project manager at Enovos Services Luxembourg: “The diego team, together with the installers who are platform members, will be delighted to support Drive Electric customers! With this service offer dedicated to electric mobility users, Drive Electric customers can confidently embark on the electric experience.”

When subscribing for this new, fully personalised and innovative service, customers are choosing peace of mind in order to take full advantage of all the benefits of rechargeable hybrid and electric driving.

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