Bâloise Assurances renews its support for the ‘ALAN - Maladies Rares Luxembourg’ association

July 14, 2021. As it has every year, for many years, Bâloise Assurances Luxembourg wanted to renew its support for ‘ALAN - Maladies Rares Luxembourg’ the association which helps people affected by a rare disease.

At the presentation of this donation, Shirley Feider-Rohen Chairman and Daniel Theisen Manager of ALAN asbl, were welcomed to the Bâloise head office Laurence Fransen Head of Human Resources, and Marc Folmer Head of Corporate Governance and Company Secretary. This had not been possible last year because of the healthcare crisis.

As if the daily lives of people supported by the association were not already laborious, the Covid19 pandemic has worsened their situation. Shirley Feider explains: “Living with a rare disease means constantly having to deal with medical and social needs which are difficult to address. The pandemic has further exacerbated this exhausting situation. In these troubled times, we are overwhelmed by the support of our privileged partner: Baloise! Thanks to you, ‘ALAN - Maladies Rares Luxembourg’ can pursue its vision of improving and enriching the quality of life of people suffering from a rare disease.


« We are particularly sensitive to the cause supported by ALAN and the crucial role it plays in the recognition of these diseases, so this partnership is very important to us. The support that the association offers to people suffering from rare diseases is essential, and even more today. People suffering from rare diseases face a lack of means at all levels due to the complexity and diversity of their pathologies. It is important for us to maintain this partnership to provide financial support for research and the help they receive from ALAN », states Marc Folmer.

« It is important for us to focus on how we can contribute to improving the lives of people in difficult circumstances. ALAN's missions are particularly relevant to us and reflect values such as altruism and mutual aid which we share and want to promote. This support is also fully in line with our approach to Social Responsibility » adds Laurence Fransen.


Rare diseases affect nearly 5% of the population or, in Luxembourg, about 30,000 people. For more than 20 years, ‘ALAN - Maladies Rares Luxembourg’ has been offering psycho-social support for people living with a rare disease. The association also organises recreational and sports activities promoting self-help and the development of people affected by a rare disease.

For more information, visit the website.

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