Bâloise renews its three-year agreement with natur&emwelt

May 4, 2020. Since the Coronavirus should certainly not conceal the environmental cause, Bâloise is proud to renew its long-standing support to natur&emwelt Fondation Hëllef fir d’Natur by signing a new three-year partnership agreement with the Foundation which oversees 1500 hectares of nature reserves in Luxembourg.

The goal? The promotion and development of the “Kanecher Wéngertsbierg” nature reserve in the municipality of Lenningen by preserving its habitat and biodiversity.

A particular focus will be placed on the localities of the former «VIGNOBLES EN TERRASSES DU KANECHER WÉNGERTSBIERG » where the ancient dry-stone walls and modest plots are still manifest. These vines were used to produce wine up until the sixties when they were abandoned due to a yield decrease.

Located between Canach and Lenningen

Latitude : 49.615872 | Longitude : 6.34133


Nonetheless, terraced vineyards like those in Canach are an exceptional cultural heritage and bear testimony to the cultural and social evolutions. The existing dry-stone walls illustrate the know-how of our ancestors and remain masterpieces of rural techniques, shaping sound and unique artwork within the landscape.

In addition, these south-facing slopes with their ancient terraced vineyards are highly precious biotopes, offering endangered fauna and flora a place to subsist. The historic terraces present numerous ecological interests resulting from the mosaic of horizontal and vertical structures like the bushes, the dry grassland, the tree-filled wilderness, the dry-stone walls, the piles of field-collected stones … this ecological diversity is a blessing in an environment stripped of its natural structures.

The old vines also adopt a social role with their agricultural history being visible on the ground. They conceal ingenious secrets, testifying to traditional and yesteryear techniques and farming methods. This is all part of the local identity. A 7-km nature path and a brochure allow visitors to discover this exceptional natural and cultural heritage.


The signed agreement foresees that natur&ëmwelt Fondation Hëllef fir d’Natur will be in charge of any work needed within the nature reserve’s fields: grass strimming, tree pruning, hedge and/or tree planting, mowing, placing guards for young trees, putting up sheep grazing enclosure, positioning nesting boxes for birds, initiating an educational project and building dry-stone walls.

Bâloise’s support demonstrates its steadfast commitment to the Luxembourg-specific environment and nature, manifested in 2015 by a partnership with the Fondation, and illustrated over the years by different actions: planting trees, enhancing treasured ecological areas, preserving seeds, etc…

By investing in restoring the KANECHER WÉNGERTSBIERG dry-stone walls, Bâloise defends its conviction that the post-Coronavirus world will, more than ever, need to consider the environmental emergency for a better world for everyone.

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