InsureMyBike: Bâloise Insurance innovates and partners-up with Andy Schleck with a new bicycle insurance

November 29, 2019. Bâloise Assurances Luxembourg S.A. pursues the development of its products and launches a theft and damage insurance intended for electric and standard bicycles. An insurance product which should appeal to bike amateurs and lovers.

Bâloise Insurance launched “InsureMyBike”, a totally new insurance product dedicated to bicycle owners wanting to be covered against theft and damages. To market this innovative product, Bâloise hooked up with Andy Schleck Cycles, the specialised store owned by the bike-racer Andy Schleck, winner of the Tour de France in 2010. A fantastic opportunity for Bâloise, looking to develop its network of partner-stores to increase the product reach as well as the number of potential customers.

« I’m thrilled to be associated with a company like Bâloise insurance Luxembourg. InsureMyBike is a guarantee for my customers who are all bike-lovers and who want to be protected against any unfortunate situations which can happen while practicing what they love. », says Andy Schleck.

InsureMyBike offers a worldwide coverage for new bikes and any associated accessories at a flat rate and with no deductible. Since its launch, InsureMyBike has managed to widely-convince its targeted market making it a highly-successful gamble for Bâloise Luxembourg.

As Steve Garson, Partnership Manager for Bâloise Insurance Luxembourg points out,« Part of the Bâloise DNA is made up of “Peace of mind” and “make the life of our customers easier”. Whether it’s racing bikes, e-bikes or any other type of bike, we want to make it simple for all enthusiasts to cover their bikes and feel safe. I know that Andy Schleck shares the same values as us and we’re happy to have been able to create this partnership together to meet this high demand from his customers ».

You want to know more about the advantages and the various partners of InsureMyBike?

Visit our page dedicated to this new insurance.

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