Ten-Year Warranty: how to be protected against defects ?

September 20, 2021
When you take delivery of your new home and even though an inventory may have been drawn up with the project owner, you are not protected from a defect which may cause serious damage to your property. Such defects may not be apparent when the keys are handed over, but can appear years later. Hence the need for 10-year Civil Liability warranty.

What is 10-year Civil Liability Warranty?

This insurance enables you to pay for the cost of repairing material damage to a building, without prior investigation into liability, for a period of up to 10 years from the date of delivery of the property.

What protection is offered by 10-Year Civil Liability Warranty?

10-year Warranty Liability Cover protects you against all damage affecting the stability or strength of the essential construction works: 

  • The main structure (the foundations, structural works, and load-bearing components);
  • The fixed components ensuring the enclosure and covering of the construction;
  • The waterproofing of roofs, terraces and coverings;
  • The smaller works and movable parts of the enclosed or covered area will be insured for two years;
  • Equipment.

What are the advantages of BauHeem?

Classic ten-year cover is subject to a report from the inspection office, which entails site visits and a rather cumbersome process for the smaller works. Bauheem makes it possible to simplify application of its insurance policy by replacing onsite inspection with a risk analysis designed to verify that all parts of the construction process comply with fixed standards.

All the information is entered by you, your project manager or your architect in an on-line platform which gives a provisional overall cost for the associated risk.

Risk analysis carried out by our partner, ‘Trustbuild by Seco’, enables five levels of risk to be established (from very low to very high), to which five levels of excess apply.

Risk analysis is 100% digital, and is simplified by use of the ‘Truistbuild by Seco’ platform. A three-step process is used to calculate the provisional overall cost. 

Trustbuild’s engineers then make recommendations for implementation of the works and finally provide you and Bâloise with a full report detailing the excess applied to your property.