InsureMyBike: Why insure your bike?

September 27, 2021
The bicycle has become increasingly popular. Whether it’s for going to work, for practicing sports, or for pleasure, the bicycle is a trendy means of transport. Trough InsureMyBike you can insure your new bike against theft and damage. This bike insurance is taken out when you purchase your bicycle. What are the advantages?

What type of insurance for your bike?

For some time now, you have been thinking about investing in a new electric or classical bike. It’s the right solution for you: practical and usable on any occasion. However, you are wondering whether you need to have it insured. Indeed, what would you do if it were stolen or vandalised? What would you do if you had an accident? You’ve decided to buy an e-bike, but what would you do if it breaks down? Are you entitled to electric assistance?

Is my bike already insured?

In general, bikes are covered as one of the benefits of your home insurance. 

Indeed, as part of your home insurance, your bike may already be insured against certain risks. This is the case with Home insurance and All Risks and Valuables cover which protect your bike against theft.

Why would you choose InsureMyBike bike insurance?

Choosing to insure your e-bike or classical bike with InsureMyBike will enable you to insure it against events which are not covered by your home insurance, but also against various risks which you may not have considered. 

InsureMyBike bike insurance covers your new bike whether it is electric or not. It can only be taken out when purchasing a new bicycle. You cannot take it out later on, or for a bicycle which you already own. Finally, you can exclusively take it out at one of our authorised partners

InsureMyBike provides:

  • Coverage worldwide
  • No deductible 
  • Compensation for the purchase value of your bicycle during the first year.
  • Coverage on all the accessories attached to the bike by our authorised partner at the time of purchase, including the padlock. 

InsureMyBike: what does my bike insurance include?


If you are the victim of a break-in or attempted theft, InsureMyBike has you covered. If your bike is damaged or destroyed, or if it disappears completely, your insurance will cover it. 

Indeed, bicycle theft has recently become increasingly common: 720 cases in 2020, i.e. 50% more than 2018 (1). It is becoming essential to protect yourself against theft with a bicycle insurance.  


Loss and damage

Has your bike been damaged in an accident? Has your bike been stolen or did you find it damaged? Your bike is also protected. 
In 2020, there were 38 road accidents involving bicycles (2). This type of damage is generally not covered by home insurance benefits.

(2) Presentation "Road accident report 2020" (

Who can insure?

You must be a Luxembourg resident in order to benefit from InsureMyBike.

Where and how can I insure?

You can take out InsureMyBike cover when purchasing your bike from one of our authorised dealers.

Thinking of investing in a bicycle?

For more information, visit one of our authorised partners.