Where to recharge your electric car in Luxembourg?

October 18, 2021
After purchasing an electric car, the question arises to know where and how to charge it. We have been accustomed to filling up with gasoline, but with the thrive in the number of electric cars, it is now essential for every user of electric or plug-in hybrid cars to know where to charge their vehicle.

Expansion of charging points’ network in Luxembourg

A few years ago, Luxembourg only had a few charging points. But now, following the expansion of electric vehicles, the number of charging points increased proportionally.
Today, Chargy’s network has 700 terminals throughout the country and, since each terminal can charge two vehicles, this is equivalent to 1,400 charging points. 

The wattage of each charging point is 22kw, which gives a fast charging speed. In addition, the installation of SuperChargy charging points, which will deliver a 160kw and 320kw charging power, is under way. These charging points will have a faster charging speed than those currently installed. 

There are interactive maps listing all the charging points. They enable you to locate all the public charging points in Luxembourg, but also to see whether they are operating, and the type of plugs available.  

Public parking spaces and car parks

Half the charging points in Luxembourg are located in towns and villages and are easily accessible. Whether in public car parks, in most supermarket car parks, or on the street, you can charge your vehicle almost everywhere. Chargy charging points have good national coverage and today it has become easier to find them. 

Park & Ride (P+R)

Other types of charging points are located in P+Rs. Particularly because they are free or almost free of charge, limit traffic jams and boost the use public transport. Therefore, these are convenient places to charge your car.

Use of your company car park

If your company car park has charging points and made them available to employees, it is possible to charge your electric car during working hours. Half a day should be enough to charge a vehicle. Companies are increasingly keen to install electric charging points to promote sustainable travel. 

Get yourself a charging card

Knowing where to recharge your car is no longer a problem, but you must still be able to access the charging points and pay for charging. Charging points do not accept payment by cards or cash. They all have payment systems which require a charging card. You should choose your card wisely because there are many operators and each of them has different charging point options and coverage.
The Enodrive Zen card is available free of charge to Drive Electric customers. It not only provides access to the 1,400 charging points in Luxembourg but also to 180,000 charging points located throughout Europe. 

Recharge your electric or plug-in hybrid car at home

The most convenient and widely used method is to charge directly at home. With access to electricity, it is easy to plug-in your car at any time using a standard plug without having to travel. However, it takes about eight hours for a full charge. It is therefore advisable to have a charging station installed at home, for greater convenience and security.

Assistance is available for the installation of charging stations. It may include subsidies, or simply advice and guidance on the installation of your charging point at home. Diego offers all its Drive Electric customers preferential advice on the installation of charging points. 

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