7 tips to protect your bike against theft

September 3, 2021
More and more people are becoming interested in bicycles … but thieves as well as cyclists are keen on them. We often think that it only happens to others, but unfortunately it is easy to become the next victim.

Bicycle theft has been on the rise in recent years

Your bicycle is an important item, whether it’s an electric bike, a mountain bike or a simple cycle, all types of bicycle are affected. Although thieves target high-value bikes such as electric bikes or racing bikes, they don’t only go for them.

According to the Grand Ducal Police, about 720 bicycles were stolen in 2020 ... roughly 50% more than in 2018. If we go back a little further in time, there were only 155 bicycles stolen in 2009.

The numbers are increasing each year and there is no sign that they are going down soon. Indeed, the amount of people wanting to take up cycling is on the rise, and the arrival of electric bikes also had an impact on this increase.

Furthermore, it is becoming usual for some bike parts to disappear as well. Indeed, they are not always stolen as a whole because certain parts are often more wanted than others. For electric bikes, batteries are the most valuable parts. Then, for all bikes, the saddle is always of interest … but there are also the wheels and other accessories which can easily be stolen.

How should you protect your bike?

  1. Keep the information about your bike readily available: frame number, serial number, photos. All these information will make it easier for the police to find your bike if it’s stolen or if you can’t find it. This is its ‘photo-fit’ description, and if it also has a brand mark it will make it much easier to find; 
  2. Use a top-quality padlock: if your padlock is easy to force open, it will be easier for the thief to steal your bike. This is why you need a good anti-theft device, and it is advise to use a U-lock which is the most robust;  
  3. Secure your bike by keeping it in a locked place (a garage or in the shared basement if you live in an apartment) when you return home; 
  4. Avoid places which are isolated and/or poorly lit. Make sure your bicycle is visible to as many passers-by as possible, which will discourage thieves;
  5. Always lock and secure your bike, whether you are stopping for a short time or for a longer period of time, consider locking it to a fixed point with a padlock. It is also advise to attach several bikes together which makes it is more difficult to steal them;
  6. Secure or remove all items not fixed to the bike: easily detachable helmets, luggage racks or saddlebags.

Finally, Sécher mam Vëlo, latest road safety campaign for bicycles created by the police, has been launched to advise you about road safety and about theft prevention. In particular, the campaign introduces ‘MySafe’, a new feature of their app which makes it easier to protect important data about your valuables, including your bike.

7th: insure your bike

Remember to check if your bike is insured, and if not, consider insuring it. Insurance is an added security because no method is foolproof ... but knowing that you are covered gives you peace of mind.

Your bike can in fact be insured with your insurer. Most of home insurance policies such as Home cover your bike against theft subject to certain conditions.

Bâloise also offers InsureMyBike, a specific bicycle insurance, which protects your new bike against theft and attempted theft. You can take it out when you buy your new bike from one of our authorised dealers.

What should you do if your bike is stolen?

File a report

When you discover the theft, go to the nearest police station to file a report. Sometimes people bring bikes they have found in the street to the police. Yours may be there.

Notify your insurance company

Once you have filed your report, remember to notify your insurance company since bicycles are usually covered. It may be covered by your home insurance or by a specialised bicycle policy. Remember to attach a copy of the report you have filed to your insurance claim.

Thinking of buying a new electric or classic bike?

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