Home insurance: why and for whom?

June 4, 2021
Home insurance protects the owner or the tenant of an apartment or a house against the financial consequences of a damage (from water damage, theft, fire, etc.).

What is home insurance used for, and who should be insured?

Home insurance covers personal belongings, real estate and civil liability.

It is not mandatory to take out home insurance in Luxembourg. However, in the event of water or fire damage to a property, the occupant will be required to bear all repair costs. 

It is therefore essential for the owner or the tenant to take out home insurance which will cover repairs to the damage suffered or caused.

What does home insurance cover?

In general, home insurance covers all damage or losses resulting from:
•    a fire;
•    climatic or natural events;
•    damage or losses caused by water;
•    breakage of glass, windows and mirrors;
•    theft, attempted theft, or vandalism of the contents;
•    the civil liability arising from the insured property ...

In addition to these major events, a home insurance policy enables you to extend the level of cover so that all your belongings are covered (mobile devices, etc.). The policy is flexible and can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

Are the contents of my apartment or house covered by home insurance?

The household contents are covered by the policy. The goods value must be declared when the policy is taken out and must enable the level of compensation to be estimated as accurately as possible in the event of a claim.
An estimate must be made of the total goods value but also the value for certain types of goods, such as: 
•    valuables (paintings, rugs, sculpture ...);
•    expensive objects (jewellery, watches ...);
•    digital equipment (mobile phones, laptops, tablets, watches and connected headsets, ...);
•    the contents of a wine cellar;
•    collections of all kinds (books, comics, etc.);
•    the contents provided by the owner (kitchen equipment or furniture, etc.).

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