Meet Marine, a young graduate

December 5, 2017
Living in the City as a fresh graduate seems honestly nearly impossible due to the high prices. If you add the lack of experience and knowledge graduates have in regions such as insurances, it is understandable that many young people who have just finished university struggle with their new job. Marine is one of those people, she's 23 years old, recently graduated from the university of Lorraine and still lives with her parents in Metz, France.

The young graduate has just accepted the position as a junior legal advisor in a big law school in Luxembourg City and she's starting in two weeks. Known for being ambitious, Marine wants to progress as fast as possible and become a lawyer, however for the moment, she has other worries…

Wanting to leave home and be more independent, Marine found a nice apartment in Luxembourg City located in Limpertsberg, not too far away from the European quarter. The apartment is well kept and Marine likes it a lot. However, to close the deal, she needs to find an insurance which can cover the apartment and its belongings.

Marine could easily ask her parents' insurer, though she'd prefer to handle things her own way. Sadly, she doesn't have any time to arrange an appointment with an insurer. The young graduate is looking for something a practical and simple insurance, nothing too expensive or complicated. After searching on the internet, she finally found an insurance service named 'Goodstart' which is suited for young renters living in Luxembourg.

Goodstart, which was launched two months ago by Baloise Insurances Luxembourg, is a special offer suited for young apartment renters living in Luxembourg. Signing up is easy, it is a matter of a few minutes which can completely be done online. 'Goodstart' allows you to insure your apartment and its belongings and if you like you can buy a civil liability for a good price.

Thankfully Marine has found the service she needed. After a few clicks, she's finished her 'Goodstart' request and can print her insurance certificate out. Now, she only has to wait for her contract to arrive per mail and the deal is done.