Floodings in Luxembourg : do you need to take a special insurance ?

March 28, 2019
When you decide where to live in Luxembourg, you seldom ask about potential flooding risks. Yet, in case of doubt, you'd better check out if you are really protected.

Twice in the past years, Luxembourg has been hit by severe floodings episodes. In July 2016 first, and then in June 2018, the extreme weather conditions have had dramatic impacts on the daily lives of thousands of inhabitants. Indeed, areas situated close to rivers beds or in creeks have been hit by flash floods, in a matter of hours after heavey rains. Particularly the Ernz and the Mosel valleys have paid a heavy tribute in destructions, whereas rising temperatures worldwide can only bring more dramatic episodes in the future.

In this context, many households have contacted their insurance companies to file claims only to realize that they were poorly covered because until then, extreme floodings had very often been considered an exclusion.

This is why the Luxemburgish insurance companies, along with the public administration, have worked to design a new and comprehensive flooding insurance cover that offers from now on a full protection about natural disasters due to water.

This new policy protects against flooding in general, including public sewage back-up, rivers leaving their streambed after heavy rains, or floods due to water running down hills on dry soils as well as landslides due to torrential rains.

But this insurance is only optionnal. It is therefore of paramount importance that all Luxemburgish inhabitants be aware wether the have to take it or not. Therefore, they need to know if their home is located on a flood hazard area and if yes, what is the danger level of this zone according to the official Luxemburgish classification. 

1. Flood hazard areas on inondations.lu

Check the classification of your area in terms of exposition to flooding hazard. The Administration de la Gestion de l'Eau has compiled all natural disasters due to water registered in Luxembourg to let residents take informed decisions about their home location. 

Use the zoom to pinpoint your adress and read your risk with the colour code.

2. Floods risks on Géoportail

If you want to understand floods risk inLuxembourg in a more detailled way, visit the Géoportail edited by the Luxemburgish Governement. The situation is described at the parcel level, hence allowing a unique level of precision. 

3. Question about your exposure to floods in Luxembourg?

In case you are still in doubt about your personal exposure to floods risks and if you want to have your insurance contract verified, do not hesitate to get in touch with your nearest Baloise Assurance intermediary.