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Travelling with children

June 29, 2020
Whether by car, plane or train, going on holiday can often be a bit stressful! In order to make your preparations easier, we have a few little tips to think about before you leave.

First of all, here’s a small list with essential items for your luggage:

  • a small travel pharmacy
  • activities for the children during the trip (colors, puzzles, small toys)
  • not to forget all the travel documents (flight tickets, hotel voucher, motorway sticker, …)
  • depending on your child's age, it might be helpful to take the usual food like baby milk, porridge or favorite biscuits
  • choose weather-related clothing (always be prepared for surprises) and specially designed for the sun, e.g. with UV protection, especially for the little ones

Then, it is absolutely necessary to check vaccinations, as well as the validity of identity cards and passports if needed.
A little extra information for a flight: most airlines allow you to take a stroller or even a car seat onboard. And of course you can bring everything you need for your baby to eat/drink during the trip.

Also, for a departure by car, check the child seats and install sun visors with UV protection. Wear comfortable clothes and remember to take regular breaks.

Finally, when everything is ready, think about eating light and rest enough before departure to avoid last minute stress.

Considering the worst-case scenario, you or a child gets sick just before departure and you can't go on your long-planned trip. What now?
Call your Bâloise agent, fortunately you have subscribed a travel insurance that covers the costs incurred in the event of a cancellation or interruption.