Motorbike winter-storage management

November 30, 2018
For all you motorbike enthusiasts, here are some tips to correctly store away your motorbikes for the winter!

How to best winterize motorbikes in Luxembourg?


For most motorbike drivers in Luxembourg, autumn means the season is over (except for the most diehard). This is when it’s time to winterize motorbikes.

It’s totally unreasonable to just store it casually away in a corner and wait for the sunny days to return. During the several months you don’t ride your motorbike, there are several rules to follow, and many remain unfamiliar to most of us.

To avoid having any bad surprises when the next rays of sunshine appear, Bâloise gives you some great tips to have a worry-free winter.

  • A thorough cleaning: There is nothing better than a good cleaning before winterising, allowing to remove any remaining grime which could corrode the varnish and/or paint and to visually check the whole motorbike (damaged indicator lights, loose screw, etc). After cleaning, it might be a good idea to apply some appropriate maintenance products (polish, rustproof treatment, silicone) as the chromes, paints and plastics will only benefit from these sustainable effects.

  • Keep charged: Remove the battery and store in a dry, warm area. Batteries are very vulnerable when not used for a long period of time. To keep battery in good condition, it’s a good idea to have it fully charged during the winter using a charger, also called a “battery optimiser”.

  • Fill it up: Fill up your fuel tank completely and mix with a fuel stabiliser which prevents damaging and damp accumulation in the tank. Run the bike so the gas and fuel stabiliser get to the carburetor and fuel injectors.

  • Inflate to the max: In winter, tires tend to lose their pressure, so it’s recommended to slightly over-inflate and use the centre stand if your motorbike has one. With this advice, you’ll prevent premature deformation of tires.

  • The last details: Plug the exhaust pipe to prevent damp and rust. You just need to grease the already cleaned and dried chain. Don’t grease right after having washed it as the grease will hold in the water which will create damage.

  • Cover well: Once your motorbike has been stored away in a dry and protected area, you can cover it. The most inexpensive solution is to wrap an old “hole-free” sheet as it’s an airy fabric preventing damp accumulation which could result in part-corrosion.

Tip from a pro: All throughout the winter, regular start up your motorbike (every 10 days for example) for 10 to 15 minutes to keep the fuel circulating and grease the engine. At the same time, you can perhaps change the motorbike’s position, diminishing any risk of tire deformation.

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