Your child is going to study abroad: how can you stay serene?

March 9, 2020
Ah… university studies, such anguish for parents! Your child is leaving the nest, career-guidance, financing, internships, sabbatical year, etc. This major turning point in your “big” child’s life can become even more hair raising when, on top of all that they decide to study abroad. Here are some elements to help you manage the financial cost of higher education abroad for your child.

Finding housing is the first challenge

Regardless whether students are looking to size up the Belgium sense of humour, improve their English in London or laze in the sun of Barcelona, they’ll all be confronted with the same problem for housing.

University housing, specific Luxembourg-state rooms in the large capitals, agreements for temporary occupation, a flat alone or with roommates? Near the school or university, or in a “happening” area, or both? Whatever the decision, it will undoubtedly be an obstacle course! And once the perfect place is found, it’s a good idea to quickly think about having it well insured.

Don’t forget housing insurance

Insurance? Yet another world these poor students already drowning in red tape have to face? Lucky for them this isn’t the case – let students calmly begin their school year as their parents, residing in Luxembourg, can subscribe an extension of their HOME insurance, which covers student housing abroad. No need to look for an insurance company located where your little angel has left to study… you just have to write an email or phone your Bâloise contact person who makes an adjustment to your housing contract and voilà, it’s done!

Financial aid for higher studies

Regardless if the parents are resident or transborder workers, Luxembourg provides double assistance to their in-state students.

First off, there’s a financial aid presented like a scholarship where the amount varies depending on family income, inscription costs for student-specific school and the housing fees which they face.

Then there’s financial aid presented like a subsidised loan, which can be paid off after the studies are over.

To understand better, the CEDIES has put a simulation tool online allowing you to easily estimate the amount your child could possibly receive for a scholarship.

We recommend you carefully respect the request requirements which are listed in detail on MyGuichet.

Family allowances

The Luxembourg family allowances are known for their relatively generous amounts compared to other EU countries. Another attractive feature of the Luxembourg system is that children receive money until they are 18 unless they make the choice to continue studying, in which case they receive money from one year to the next until their 25th birthday (as long as they are still studying!). A real advantage for families! Find all info on the site of the Caisse pour l’Avenir des Enfants.

Student associations

Since Luxembourg students are traditionally very inclined to travel around Europe, they created numerous interconnecting and closely-knit student associations over the years in most capitals aiming to exchange helpful tips and prepare for the professional integration onsite or upon returning to Luxembourg.

Liège, Paris, Montpellier, Kaiserslautern, Munich, Vienna, Zürich and even as far as Miami … Check out the over 35 cities belonging to this local circle of Luxembourg students below.

About student associations: Bâloise, a major player abroad and in the Luxembourg student world (thanks to several partnerships and commitments with the UNI) notably sponsors and backs two associations. The ANESEC (National Association of Students in Business and Economics) and the ANELD (National Association of Luxembourg Students studying Law), two associations bringing together several hundred Luxembourg students working on either their bachelor’s or master’s all over Europe.

Travel insurance … our little plus

For students who like taking a backpack to explore their host country or beyond … for those who chose to take a sabbatical year … don’t forget to get Travel insurance (one-off or yearly) to be well covered for any potential trip cancellations, but also for any issues regarding repatriation or hospitalization while there.

And above all, good luck!

Bâloise really just wants to wish good luck and all the best to all these students! And as for their parents, they can rely on our 80 Bâloise professionals in the country should they have any doubts or questions regarding the insurance of their children abroad.


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